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How to post an influential post on social media?

Increase in Businesses increase demand of social media. It is mandatory for every business for making their presence on social media. But the main question occurs during posting content on social media that How to post an influential post on social media?

A brand or business has to connect with their audience. We can use different strategies during posting the content on social media.

A post have some elements like caption, hashtags, post quality and Relevancy.

Some strategies For influential Post on social media platforms :

1. A catchy Caption (use words related memes) –

At the time of posting the content on social media platforms, the content like memes are always trending stuffs on social media. Do not feel annoying using meme images like cheems doge.

influential Post on social media
Cheems image

2. Properly researched Hashtags –

The problem of not growing of social media pages of many brands or business is Not properly researched hashtags. Use of irrelevant and high traffic tags never gives you results you want. For many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter works on hashtags.


As we can see, searching tags by using # in search section of Instagram help us to see how much post done on particular hashtags.

Try using low post hashtags, around 40 – 50 thousands. For new Instagram page.

3. Try to post Short form Video Content like reels and shorts –

influential Post on social media
YouTube’s shorts and Instagram Reels

Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook provide more reach to short video content like reels and shorts more than infographic or image content.

4. Post Quality –

Post quality matters a lot. Try to provide your followers/customer all information in creative way by using different colours. The written text quality should be smooth that users can easily read and elaborate what the post is actually about?

5. Bio Section –

If we are creating a page or social account, the first impression is your bio section. The creative you are the more you grow. Don’t tell your business or any other stuff, tell them what they will get after following or liking your page.

We also you use savy Bio Like Follow and Get a cookie!

6. Be With Trends –

If you are on socials and not following social media trends, it’s not a good practice for your business and your personal account.

7. Be creative –

Try to create post like images and videos on my own. Try to create own text and tag lines.

Social media platforms are one of the biggest platforms in For Businesses and individuals. So we have to ensure creativeness.

For more tips for doing an influential Post on social media , do checkout socialpilot.

Let me know in comment section if you learn something, Your comments motivate me to write more you.

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