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How to start a blog and start making money?

In this era, the blog is one of the most powerful source of information and for earning money. Many bloggers not only in India but worldwide have created their courier in blogging. So, as the beginner, many people want to know how to start a blog and start making money online?

Firstly, if you want to run your blog for a long time, please leave a mindset of only earning money from the blog. Try to provide the user the information they need or try to add value to their life from your blog or article.

What is a BLOG?

A blog is a conversational style written post, It can be a webpage or website with updated content with images and videos. A blog is one of the best source of information for anything, it can be service or product.

How to start A BLOG?

A blog is a website or webpage, and both website or webpage require to be published on search engine like google. The following requirements are listed below-

  • A domain name
  • A perfect hosting plan
  • A website builder software like WordPress
  • A perfect theme
  • Some essential plugins
  • Start writing your first post

What is a Domain name?

Domain name is the unique name of your particular website where user can search and access your webpage. Domain name is unique and different for everyone, for example –

A domain can be bought online from different website available on internet who sell domain and hosting like Hostinger and Go daddy.

Some famous extensions of domain are –

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .in
  4. .org
  5. .co.
  6. .us

What is a hosting?

A hosting is online host services for webpages or websites which simply helps to store data for clients. In simple words it is a type of file manager for the website like smartphones have where all data like plugins, cache, post data and many more things stores.

It can also buy online from websites like Hostinger and Go daddy.

How to start a blog through WordPress?

After buying domain and hosting, they both have to be connected with each other through nameserver-

Step 1 – Get Nameserver from your hosting service


Step 2 – Copy Nameserver

Step 3 – Paste name server in Domain Nameserver

How to start a blog

Step 4 – Paste nameserver

Pate nameserver here

NOTE – If you buy domain and hosting from same provider, they already connect your domain and hosting by default but in many cases you have to do manually and may the appearance of options is different.

Step 5 – Login to cPanel through hosting provider.

login to cpanel

Step 6 – Search WordPress.

How to start a blog

Step 7 – Install wordless software

How to start a blog

Here we go, the WordPress has now been successfully installed on your website. Now we are eligible to post and edit our website as per our need.

Login to WordPress by typing your website URL like this –

Install a Perfect theme –

The one the biggest task many beginner face is that how to choose theme or which is the best theme for blogging website. We are sharing best, reliable, fast and responsive top 3 best WordPress themes –


How to start a blog
Ocean WP

Generate press –


WP Astra

Install Essential Plugins –

After installing themes, we have to install some essential plugins which are very helpful like for image optimization, For SEO and many other purposes. Plugins are listed below 👇-

Yoast SEO for SEO –

Yoast - SEO for everyone
Yoast SEO

WP Optimize for Image optimization –

wp optimize

SMUSH for lazy load of image

How to start a blog

Google Site kit for connecting our website to google services like Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google AdSense

How to start a blog
Google site kit by Google

Start writing your first Post –

How to start a blog

WordPress is one of the easy-to-use and reliable software for beginners to creating websites or blog and used by many bloggers worldwide because of its functionality. Many big bloggers in India and worldwide use WordPress to start a blog.

Let us known in comment section that if you are starting a blog or wants to start a blog Fill up the form, and we can help you to start your blog and direct you for free and also help you to set up blog at reliable price.

Start your First Blog Now 👇

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