You are currently viewing Technical SEO – A baluster to website’s SEO in 2022

Technical SEO – A baluster to website’s SEO in 2022

What Is Technical SEO?

The optimization of Website and Server To increase the chance of ranking of the Website on Search engine Is known as Technical SEO.

This helps crawler and Bots of Google To read our website accurately.

This strategy plays an important role in The ranking factors of SEO. This SEO plan is majorly done for increasing reliability of User experience of Mobile Devices or Desktop user.

Full checklist –

Technical SEO checklist

Sitemap.xml (Collection of links)

Sitemap.xml is a collection of links submitted in Google Search Console.

It provides a map to google bot to crawl the page accurately.

How to Submit Sitemap.xml?

A. Go to search console property

Google search console
Google Search Console

B. Click on sitemap

Technical SEO
Google Search Console sitemap

C. Enter Sitemap URL and Submit

This can be submitted by two URL –

  • https://yourwebsite.extension/sitemap_index.xml
Technical SEO
Google Search Console Sitemap submission

Sitemap.HTML(For users Experience Special for big websites)

Sitemap.HTML is the collection of links of categories or pages which ease the navigation for users on the website.

Technical SEO
Sitemap.html example

Help us increase user experience, especially on big website and can be created By Your own or by Online tools like – Free sitemap.HTML generator


This file helps you to disallow or allow search engine Crawlers to crawl or not to crawl the particular page like login/admin page etc.

It can be easily be created in our WordPress website automatically through SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or others.

Page Load Time

Page load time is one of the important factor for technical SEO. Google just want you to give the perfect and correct info to the user with best experience which include mobile friendly websites,

Fast image load and Image Preloading.

As we discuss Previous Image Optimization Plugins – We can increase user experience

Optimization of JS and CSS

Use Different Plugins Like Wp-optimize and Wp-rocket For Optimization of CSS and Java For Load of the Website. CSS and Java many times have empty left space which has to be optimized

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate Plays a very critical role in Optimization. This is the security certificate which describes the security of the website.

It can be bought with hosting or Damian Plan

Technical SEO
SSL Certificate

Canonical Tag

This tag shows the master copy of a Particular page, which refers you to the original page that it belongs to.

Redirection (402,302,301)

There are many types of redirection on the website, but these three are one of the most important Redirections.

These Redirections can be easily setup by Plugins on WordPress

Open Graph Protocol

This protocol helps You to Represent our website on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter during share.

Setup Open Graph Protocol by plugins or through Click here

Copy and Paste the Code in Head Section of the website or in the case of WordPress website simply create through plugins like Yoast SEO or other SEO plugins.

Let us know in the comment section your thoughts on technical SEO and Checkout or more Blogs on SEO.

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