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Top 10 factors of SEO google consider on your website

Google is one of the largest search engine with the largest network worldwide. Almost all the type of business or individual use Google as their personal or business interest. Everybody wants to rank on Google at first position, so we are here with top 10 factors of SEO.

Google does not want you to work for a search engine, it wants you to work for their user reliability. Bots on Google search engine are consistently working and have a strict eye on every website.

As working on the website’s SEO, we work on many aspects of the website for traffic, either on-page or off-page. But here are some most important factors of On-page SEO. Here’s On-Page SEO checklist.

1. Optimize Tags-

a. Title Tag-

A title tag is one of the most important factors for SEO or google ranking. Make sure Title tag must have –

  • Include Primary Keyword
  • Include Brand Name
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing
  • Avoid Keyword Cannibalization
  • Be Creative
  • Avoid Longer Title (use around 60-70 words)

For creating creative title with keywords, we may use AI tools like Totheweb

b. Meta Description-

One of the important tag to be optimized. Meta description helps you to increase your CTR of 50% extra. Make sure meta description consists of primary keyword and correct summary of the particular page or post in around 150 words (actually, the meaning of topic should clear in meta description).

For creating creative meta description with keywords, we may use AI tools like Totheweb

c. Heading Tag Optimization

There are 6 types of heading starts from H1,H₂, H₃, H₄, H₅,H₆. Make sure your post or page have only one H1 because h1 is read as a title of the page.

Our H1 should contain primary keyword And H2 OR H3 with secondary or primary keyword. Try to use all types of heading, but use of H1, H2, H3 is the most important factor for heading Tag Optimization.

d. Meta Keywords-

There are many types of personalities say that meta keyword is not as much important as other factors. Meta keywords are useful to your relevant content, which tells what your website is about.

2. Internal Linking and External Linking –

Linking our content either internally or externally is one of the most important factors in our top 10 factors of SEO category. Link our content to a particular word to our internal page or post, and we can link our content externally to support our statements and use as a Source of content.

3. URL Optimization (slug) –

Proper URL Optimization Checklist :

  • Include Primary keyword (main keyword)
  • Should Contain Hyphen (-) instead of underscore (_)
  • It should be short and precise
  • Lower case only
  • Avoid use of ‘A’, ‘AN’, ‘THE’ or ‘TO’, ‘IN’.

For example –

Top 10 factors of SEO
Image Explaining URL optimization

4. Keyword Density –

Keyword density should be in control, otherwise it would be counted in keyword stuffing. Use tools like Yoast SEO, rank math SEO and ALL-IN-ONE SEO for perfect control on keyword density.

How to control Keyword Density?

  • Naturality in content
  • LSI keyword
  • Target Long Tail Keyword
  • Keyword Proximity
  • Quality Content

5. Image Optimization –

One of the important SEO or ranking factors for many websites is image optimization. An optimized image can help you to decrease load time of your website.

a. Image Compression

  • Use plugins like Smush or Wp-optimize for your wordpress website to reduce the size of image under 100kb. There are so many websites and tools for reducing size for your image.
  • Use famous format of images like WEBP which takes around 90% less size with almost same quality.

b. Image ALT Text

After adding image on website post or page your image should have alt text which help google search engine bot to know what’s the image is actually about.

6. Content Optimization –

Make sure content on the website should be readable by your audience. Use more synonyms, powerful words and correct the grammar through online tools.

7. Keyword Cannibalization-

If our website particular page or post tries to rank on same keyword is called keyword cannibalization. Try to use new keywords and set a focus keyphrase.

8. Plagiarism –

  • unique/original content
  • avoid unintentional plagiarism
  • use tools like smallseo tools for avoiding plagiarism

9. Anchor Text Optimization –

Anchor text is also one of the important factor in SEO-

10. Technical SEO –

Technical SEO Checklist –

  • Sitemap
  • Robot.txt file
  • page load time
  • optimization of JS and CSS
  • SSL certificate
  • Canonical Tag
  • Redirection (402,301,302)
  • W3C validation
  • Open Graph Protocol
  • Structures DATA

These top 10 Factors for seo should help your website for improving on-page aspects of your website. if it help you please leave a comment also if you learn something.

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