You are currently viewing Top 5 WordPress Plugins You are missing as Blogger.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins You are missing as Blogger.

We have already discussed how to set up the blog for beginners, and Now we are discussing on Top 5 WordPress plugins Very helpful for Blogger. These plugins are free and Very helpful for Bloggers.

What is Plugin?

A plugin is an add-on or tool which help you to enhance your WordPress website easily. There are different type of plugin can be downloaded from Plugin – add new section easily on WordPress.

Top 5 WordPress Plugin
How to add plugin on WordPress

Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Bloggers –

1. Plugins For SEO –

A. Yoast SEO

This plugin is one of the best plugin with around 5+ million downloads. Yoast SEO provides many feature for Blog post SEO.

The free version of this plugin provides you a variety of features, including schema markup.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins
Yoast SEO

B. Rank Math SEO

The 2nd best plugin for SEO is rank math with around 1+ million downloads. This plugin also provides best features for On page blog post optimization.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins
Rank math SEO

C. All in one SEO

One of the best plugin with over 3+ million downloads.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins
All in ONE SEO.

2. Plugin For Image Optimization –

A. WP – Optimize

WP optimize helps you to optimize image with reducing their size (try to use image under 100kb). This plugin provides you a free option of converting every image format in one click.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins
WP – optimize

B. Smush

The best plugin for Lazy load of image. Smush helps you to Bulk smush your image and provide free option of lazy load.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins
Smush Plugin

3. Google Site Kit –

A plugin by google help you to control all the tools of Google like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdSense, Google page insights speed.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins
Google site kit

We can submit our website easily in some click and all this process will be done without any HTML CODE.

4. Elementor –

It is one of the best plugin on WordPress helps you to edit pages and post with variety of add-ons for free.


5. Table of Content –

One of the most important plugins. Table of content help you create an automatic table of content like this –

Table of content

NOTE – This all is WordPress plugins and can be downloaded externally. Some features are paid and premium. But as per our POV, these all are enough for beginners. Let us know in Comment section that if you learn something.

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