You are currently viewing E-Mail marketing — The authentic way to grow your kudos

E-Mail marketing — The authentic way to grow your kudos

In 2022 many business use E-mail marketing strategies even less CTR than SMS Marketing. As a Digital marketing Learner, you may come to a phase that What is E-mail marketing?

Many experts say that in 2022 e-mail marketing is dead and not stronger than other online marketing strategies. Let’s start a discussion about E-mail marketing and its benefits, disadvantages, advantages, and everything about it.

What is E-mail marketing?

What is E-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is a Different type of online marketing strategy which helps you to promote, Sell or share our updated offers of our products/services to our customers.

Through e-mail, we can create a mutual connection with our customers by sharing them new offers, Subscriptions and new arrivals.

What are the Benefits Of E-mail Marketing?

Cost-effective —

The cost-effectiveness is one of the best feature of this strategy. This strategy requires less cost than other forum of Online strategies.


A mail can be sent to many people at the same time with the help of tools, and There are not as such limits.

Interest Based-

Our list of mail is made for only people who are active and wants to receive our offer, products and services.

Communication with our customers or Audience-

It helps you to create a mutual connection with audience or customer by sending them offers or greeting mails.

Improves sales –

E-mail marketing is one of the best practices to increase our sales by sending your audience newly launched products and all.

Customizable –

This technique is one of the best practices of marketing due to its customizable feature. In this marketing tactics, we can create different types of graphics as per our services.

Create attractive graphic for attractive customer retention and Can send with embedded video.

Value To Customers –

By sending different informative mails, we can provide a value to our customers or audience and make them feel special.

More benefits of E-mail marketing –

Do email marketing leads to spam?

Even in 2022 this is one of the best strategies of Digital marketing. It may or may not lead to spam. It’s only be depended on the use. Most of the companies sent mail on alternate days.

The improper use of E-mails may lead to spam. Sending irregular mail or irrelevant mail to customers is spam.

The best practice of sending mails to customer is by researching his/her interest in Products and service. That will help to increase the relevancy of mail and may increase the open rate of mail.

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