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What makes a Perfect Blog Post To rank on Google?

As a blogger, we research and write, but our blog doesn’t Rank on Google. As we come across sometime with a thought that are we doing any mistake, or What makes a Perfect Blog Post To rank on Google?

We will discuss this topic on two fundamentals, Research and Readability. A Blog should be perfectly researched and readable.

Two Fundamentals of Blog –

1. Research –

The research of particular topic we are writing is very important for ant niche of blogger. In every search, Google make sure that their user should get the perfect information they want with relevancy.

Three factors of research

A. Audience – Please make sure for whom we are writing For, We have to make sure before everything. That will help us to target a particular audience.

B. Keyword — A perfect keyword for blog will work as engine oil in cars or bike. The keyword plays a crucial role in audience targeting, understanding audience intent, and long tail keyword is one of the best practices for blog posts.

C. Competitors analysis – One of the significant and major task for making a perfect blog post is analysis of competitors. Analyse the strategies of competitors and work on their mistakes or loophole they leave behind.

What makes a Perfect Blog Post To rank on Google?
Fundamentals of Blog

2. Readability –

Readability is a significant factor for our blog. It is the one of the major factor for ranking. We miss some small things during writing a Blog Post that may let you from ranking.

For increasing Readability score, we can follow some useful steps below 👀👇-

Short Sentences – try to use short sentences, around 10–15 words.

Use Familiar Words – Use familiar words which can be read by anyone

Fonts and Images – A beautiful blog starts from a good font style and images

Headings and Subheadings- Try to distribute blog in headings and subheadings

What makes a Perfect Blog?

A. Deciding the Topic—The first step of clearance on which topic we are writing. Topic.

B. Write a Catchy title—more than 90% of audience click on an article after reading the Title. A title plays a crucial role at initial level to grab the audience retention.

C. A description For Your Blog—a description tells the user that what the blog is actually is.

D. Intro – Your blog intro should contain your focus keyword and Should explain the blog to contain of!

E. Heading and Subheading – the distribution of blog in heading and subheading makes the readable score of blog more high.

F. CTA – CTA means Call to Action, a CTA button makes your blog more professional example if we are explaining any service or products we can suggest them where to grab or buy that service from that button.

G. Proofreading and Editing – After writing of blog, Recheck and correct the spells and improper sentences is Must.

H. Plagiarism – Plagiarism (means copy content) may be unwanted or may be not. Try to write unplagiarized content.

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A Basic Structure to Make a Blog Post –

What makes a Perfect Blog Post To rank on Google?

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